Make your home office more inspiring

Months and months at the home office definitely affects our minds. With these easy steps you can make your space more inspiring. After all, change is something we all crave these days!

Add more plants
Living plants can actually improve both concentration and productivity. In addition, studies have proven that house plants affect your stress levels, produce fresh oxygen and they definitely bring joy.In other words, plants are not only decorative. Add them to your desk and shelf to create a more inspiring space.

Planters to help you create an inspiring work space.

Prioritize your ergonomy
Are you one of those people who tries several different positions during the day, never really finding the right one? Bad chairs in the home office are definitely a mood killer. Why don’t you make your office chair the centerpiece in the room and prioritize your ergonomy at the same time?

Chairs that encourages movement.

Mix and match textures
Mixing and matching textures brings the home office to life. Combining wood, stone and soft textiles makes it a more exciting and inspiring space. Make sure you don’t overdo it though, it’s still supposed to be a functional work area.
Explore the materials in the Presence Table.

Create a moodboard that sums up your interests
Use pins or other easy-to -use tools to hang up pictures, color samples or other elements that make you happy and inspired. This way you can change the elements on your board often and use themes by season or projects you have going on.
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