Meet Anne Birte, the founder of Jacu

Here at Nordfolks, we’re always curious to learn more about people’s design
choices. That is why we have decided to interview various people with a love for Norwegian design and hear their thoughts on design. This time we’ve had a chat with Anne Birte Bjørdal Hanken, the founder of the Ålesund based coffee roastery Jacu.

 1. Hi Anne Birte! We would love to get to know you a little better. Who are you and what makes you happy?

Hi! I’m a mother of three and love to spend time at home with them. This past year also made me fall in love with herbs and baking all over again. I’m passionate about creating rooms with aesthetics that makes them a good place to be. Like at Jacu, I always look forward to going there and that means a lot. I’ve been able to create an everyday life that treats me well and of course good coffee also means a lot. Every day is filled with creative problem solving which fits me well.


2. Have you always been passionate about design?

Yes, I actually think I can say so. Even as a child, I loved visiting different rooms and think about how I would decorate my future home. I found family trips to Ikea in Oslo to be great fun.


3. How would you describe your style?

My style is very much Nordic and I’m passionate about good raw materials. I always add unique items to bring authenticity and warmth to the interior, but the clean Scandinavian lines are absolutely present.


4. How do you feel about second hand design items?

I have a draw towards second hand. Actually, I just purchased a new dining table from the 60s. It’s just something about those lasting items which manages to stay relevant even though the trends are changing. Design items like that carries the proof in itself that it survives time.


5. Many Norwegian design classics are inherited. Why do you think it is so popular to inherit and buy used furniture?

I think we genuinely care for our globe. We are almost a bit afraid of where we’re heading and that makes reuse meaningful.


6. What are you most excited about right now?

I’m really looking forward to the spring. The season is just so hopeful and I’ve decided to enjoy every little sign of spring. Crops, migratory birds and the sun.