Meet Susanne, a design lover from Norway

Here at Nordfolks, we’re always curious to learn more about people’s design choices. That is why we have decided to interview various people with a love for Norwegian design. First up is Susanne Hjelle, a design lover from Norway.

1.Hi Susanne! We would love to get to know you a little better. Who are 
Hi! My name is Susanne, and I live with my boyfriend in a small town by the coast in Norway. Together we have a dog, named Teddy. Besides taking Teddy for walks, we are currently planning and designing our dream house, which will hopefully be done within the next two years. My boyfriend will build the house from the ground up, focusing on the exterior and the construction part of the building project, together with his father and brother. I on the other hand, am planning everything inside – the floors, the colors on the walls, our kitchen and the furniture. You can easily tell I’m super excited about it!

2. Have you always been passionate about design?
Growing up in a family run furniture business it's safe to say that I have. We always talk about furniture and trends over the dining table. My father especially has always cared about design, and encouraged me and my two siblings to draw, take pictures and explore everything creative. One of my favorite memories is traveling to Milan in Italy and attending the furniture fair with my dad at the age of 13.

3. How would you describe your style?
I would describe my style as quite modern. Although I often think my style is minimalistic, all my books and pictures on the wall say otherwise. I like the combination of earthy tones and bright colors, but when it comes to furniture I always try to look for something classic and timeless. Combining cheaper trend items from H&M Home together with more expensive Norwegian furniture is something that really works for us. I am curious to see what the interior and style in our new house will look like.

4. Is there one design item that means more to you than others?
Yes, my table lamp from Hadeland Glassverk. My favorite memory with this beautiful lamp is all the tranquil moments it has produced  – setting the mood for the room. I love the way it has contributed to creating warm and cozy moments inside while the rain was pouring outside. Living on the West Coast of Norway, this is a familiar situation. I also love that the lamp is a redesign of a Norwegian classic, and look forward to taking it with me to the new house.

5. What are you most excited about right now?
The new house of course! But also the fact that spring is here and that this means the days will be longer, brighter and warmer. I am excited to get the chance to explore our beautiful country yet another summer (thanks covid), to go hiking in our steep mountains and spend a week or two at our cabin.