Sustainability is constantly in our minds at Nordfolks.com, as well as being one of our core values. The world is changing faster than ever before. Taking responsibility and making sustainable choices regarding production is important for the producers represented at Nordfolks.com, and Rom & Tonik is one of them.



The people behind Rom & Tonik discovered that wool is a fantastic raw material, with several amazing technical properties. For example: it is naturally flame retardant, it absorbs moist and steam, and mutes the sound surprisingly well. This combined with being a 100 % natural material, and considering that sheep wool is an excess material in large parts of the world, created a unique opportunity to use this resource in a new way.

When they met the founder of Tova (manufacturer of wool slippers), Ingar Eide, the idea got even more realistic. Rom & Tonik traveled together with him to Mongolia to see if it was possible to manufacture their first product there. Living in one of the roughest climates in the world, the wool of theMongolian sheep is extra thick and strong. There are more sheep than humans living in Mongolia, and it is safe to say that the local knowledge when it comes to wool is enormous.

Due to the climate changes, the Mongolians have been forced to give up on their nomad way of life and move into the bigger cities. This results in an increasing need for work, and Rom & Tonik discovered that they could help by doing something so easy as establishing their production of wool there. The FeltTile material was born, and the production could finally start.



Rom & Tonik like to see themselves as innovators of the open office-landscape. The focus is to improve how humans experiences their indoor life. By introducing materials likewool in a new context and with an attractive design, they aimto make your work hours, eating out at a restaurant, and the time in your home both a little more enjoyable and healthier. Their goal is to do so by using sustainable materials in an appealing way.



The materials being used in the products from Rom & Tonikare sustainable during time and contribute to a better society. They strive to use natural, recycled, and surplus materials from different kinds of productions. After all, it´s not about the product you have in your arms, it´s about where it comes from, who made it, and what happens to the product in theend. The ones responsible for this are we: the designers, producers, and suppliers. And when we do so, succeed to take responsibility, that´s when it feels really good.


«It should not only look good, but sound and feel good, too». – Rom & Tonik