Nordfolks represents Norwegian history. Norwegian icons. And while writing this, we can actually see the building where the Grorudstolen is produced. How amazing is that? A 62 year old chair, which is more popular and unique then ever. Made in Norway.

Hans Brattrud is known as the designer behind the chair and design classic Scandia Jr. The innovative design attracted international attention. At some point, even IKEA showed interest in producing the chair, but Brattrud declined. Even with a short ten-year period as a designer, Hans Brattrud's name is still has a strong position in the Norwegian furniture history. Most of the furniture by Brattrud that was put into production, is still in production today.



Hans Brattrud was only 12 years old when he figured out that he wanted to become a designer. Seeing the admission conditions for the Arts & Craftstudy, he became aware of his need to complete the exams or get a craft education to apply to and attend the school. Brattrudchose the last option. In 1948, he started working at a carpentry workshop in Nordre Land, a little north of his hometown Dokka. Brattrud stayed there for a year, until he got el. received a carpenter’s apprenticeship at Løkka Trevareindustri (in 1949 – 1953).



In 1953, Brattrud was admitted at the Arts & Craft study. Several of Norway’s foremost designers taught at the school – Lars Hjelle, Bjørn A. Larsen, Birger Dahl and Tormod Alnæs. 
As a school assignment, he designed the chair Scandia Jr. (1957). The eight longitudinal rodsin laminated wood and the chrome-plated metal base are the special features of the chair. Hove Møbler started to produce Scandia Jr. in 1960. During the next few years, the concept of the longitudinal rods expanded to a small collection. Scandia Vipp and Scandia Senior was born and represented the lounge chair and recliner in the series. Scandia Senior came with a footstool as well.

Later, IKEA reached out and wanted to produce Scandia Jr., but Hans Brattrud declined. In 2002, the manufacturer Fjordfiesta started the production of Brattruds Scandia-chairs, and has done it ever since.


In 1958, Hans Brattrud designed the chair «Grorudstolen» - a simple and strong stackable chair for kitchens and cafeterias (also called model 58), which was produced by the factory A. Grasaasens Fabrikker. The chair was launched at the exhibition “Ønskehjemmet” (the dream home) in September 1958. The chair is well-known for its sleek, architectural look. Grorudstolen was available in various designs, with a seat in teak veneer or lacquered in red or blue, and with chrome-plated or black-enameled pipes. Today, you can choose between three different colors on the seat: oak, walnut and black wood. 

TOP 30

Hans Brattrud received the golden medal at the exhibition Deutsche Handwerksmesse in 1967, from the Bavarian State Government for Scandia Jr. The same year, he was assignedthe prize «Merket for god design» (“Brand for good design”). The interest in Brattruds furniture has grown over the past years and has also led him to get assigned the «Kongesfortjenestemedalje» (“Kings Medal of Merit”) in gold in 2008. In 2017, Scandia Jr was elected as top 30 in DogA, and in Aftenpostens project ”Best design of Norway”.