THE PRESENCE TABLE – the ultimate combination of solid wood and natural stone from Norway

A piece of furniture for life. Made of Larvikite, a 280 million-year-old volcanic stone from one special area of Norway, this Norwegian icon helps provide a unique atmosphere in any room. The materials and the surface of the table also create a dialogue, both between the user and the table – but even better – between the people sitting around it. Presence is the result, whether the table is placed in your dining area, in a meeting room, or in a co-working space.

The table can withstand a heat of 300°C, is scratch and maintenance free and does not become discolored. In this table, the stone material interacts with another fascinating and durable material: oak. All wooden parts are made of the best solid oak available, designed to embrace and endure the weight of the Larvikite, and can be repaired, replaced, and renewed to last for generations.

The designers behind the table, Thomas Jenkins and Sverre Uhnger, first presented the table at the Norwegian Presence Fair in Milan in 2015. Originally, the name was “As Long As You Like”, where the designers aimed to offer a table of any desired length. Even though this is possible production-wise, Nordfolks choose to present you with two table models with a proud, Norwegian history.

In 2018, the Presence table was presented at the Milan Fair again – this time as an exquisite piece of furniture produced by the design brand Objekt. The designers and the brand both share the core values of functionality, durability, and sincerity. They also deeply respect the handicraft and the people behind the production.

Skilled craftsmen working on the Larvikite stone plate

The Larvikite stone comes from four different quarries in Norway: Emerald from Klåstad, Blue from Tveidalen, Royal from Malerød and Antique from Sirevåg. All blocks removed from the quarries are marked, and the customer is provided with a certificate of origin upon delivery of the table. You are literally buying a piece of Norway! The stone is elaborated by skilled craftsmen throughout various processes, and any waste is used as a filling compound.

The finished Presence table at the workshop

The oak plate and leg units of solid oak are produced partly in Norway and partly in Sweden and treated with the most environment-friendly oil available. The base is constructed to last and endure the weight of a stone plate of 100 kgs.