Popping by - Camilla

Who are you?
Camilla, 42 years old, married, two girls and a small puppy. Work as head of private insurance in an insurance company.

Do you have an interest in design?
Yes, I have a special interest in design.

Do you have an object in your home that you value more than others?
Without doubt our fireplace! We have a really nice fireplace at home that my husband built.

What are your immediate thoughts when you hear the words Norwegian Design?
Sunnmøre, the area where I grew up. We have a strong tradition in furniture manufacturing, and this industry has given a lot of workplaces to our region for many years. I also associate Norwegian design with quality, natural materials and a clean expression.

What is your relationship to Norwegian design?
I appreciate design classics, and we have a lot of them in Norwegian design. I appreciate that Norwegian design usually has a good function in addition to beeing good looking. I like buying Norwegian classics to our home, especially the ones from Sunnmore. Products that are manufactured in Norway are more interesting to me.