Popping by - Lene

Who are you?
I am Lene. 43 years, married, and have two daughters and two bonus-daughters. I work in a bank as a financial advisor in the maritime business.

Do you have an interest in design?
I appreciate that my surroundings look nice, and get inspiration from friends and other places I visit. I don’t use much time doing research on design myself.

Do you have an object in your home that you value more than others?
A picture. It has a history that means something to me. And I really appreciate our view from the livingroom, over my home town.

What are your immediate thoughts when you hear the words Norwegian Design?
I associate it with quality, high-end products and a clean look, a lot of wooden materials and a Scandinavian style. And last but not least; sustainability.

What is your relationship to Norwegian design?
We have quite much Norwegian design in our home. I like the expression and style, and that the quality lasts for a very long time. Also, since I come from an area with strong traditions in furniture production, I think of Ekornes - Norways largest furniture factory.