Nordfolks is a newly established powerhouse for Norwegian Design. Making a curated selection of some of the best design items in the Norwegian design history, focusing on design, functionality and sustainability. We mix classics from the Scandinavian design period in the 1900s with the new era of Norwegian design from the last fifteen to twenty years. The creativity and innovation in the industry is more vibrant then ever, both in renewing the classics and creating the brand new. We really look forward to present a slowly growing, curated selection for you in the future.

What we believe in

Diversity, complementary competences and cooperation are all very important to make the magic happen. At least that's what we Nordfolks believe, and three of the reasons why the brand was created. We will strive to make Norwegian design icons recognized worldwide, and contribute to these icons taking the steps into beautiful and different homes with all of you across the globe.

Core values

Inventive, sustainable and sincere are our core values that we strive to live up to every day in the Nordfolks team. Together we are determined to make our best efforts to deliver new, seamless and easy shopping experiences for our customers world wide. We know you like quality, and we will stretch to deliver that in every part of your customer journey. Stay tuned, maybe you'll even see some great things you didn't expect down the road.


How do you prefer to shop? Online, in store or a combination? Getting insight from our customers are essential to deliver new, seamless and easy shopping experiences world wide, and one of the reasons why we opened our showroom.

In our showroom you can find our collection with tags; each tag has a QR-code. Scan the code and get easy access to more information about the product, designer and delivery time - or you can take it with you, and plan your next norwegian design purchase in the comfort of your own home. Whether you choose to buy the product directly in our Pop-Up or from your home, we will do our best to make the shopping experience as smooth as possible.

In September, you'll find us in Apotekergata 9A, Aalesund, Norway, in our current Pop-Up Shop.