The Nordfolks shop is a pilot, and we carefully selected 6 complementary brands to be a part of it. Many of the products are actually produced in Norway with norwegian materials and handcraft. We proudy present our 6 chosen ones, a mix of traditional and new brands in the Norwegian market as well. Even though they have their own style and timezone, they have some things in common: They all live and breathe for creating functional and beautiful design with an ege that represent the Norwegian way of living, and a sustainable way of producing and



«The next position is always the best» 

- Peter Opsvik, Designer

Varier is an Oslo-based furniture brand known for producing extraordinary design chairs that give you the freedom to move. Founded in 2006, Varier is committed to the continued success of Scandinavian design icons that have been changing the way people sit since the late 70s. Movement is at the core of the brand, and acts as a central design element in all



«Come and experience our traditions, history and culture, and discover the latest trends and designs».

Hadeland Glassverk enjoys an idyllic setting on the southern shore of the lake Randsfjorden, just an hour drive from Oslo. The area around the Glassverk is like a small, charming village. At the heart of the operation is the glassblowing studio Glasshytta. Here glass is still blown using traditional methods.



«We work with design in the categories furniture, lighting and small objects».

Our vision is to create products for everyday use at home and at work, by offering a wide range of products designed with quality that last, and function that inspires for everyday use.
We take great care in producing quality objects at selected responsible and trusted factories in Northern Europe, with main focus on local production in Norway.



«We design sound absorbing interior products to make your room sound, look and feel good».

Our focus is to improve how people experience their daily indoor environment. By introducing materials such as wool in a new context and with an attractive design, we will make the office, restaurant and the time at home both a little more pleasant and a little healthier.
Our products makes sound sound good. It is important that the products do the job, but you should enjoy them on a daily basis as




«Our goal is to inspire people to get out and experience what FJELL^ is about, hence the idea of the brand»
- Kristina & Kjetil, founders

Fjell^ strives to make sure everything produced is made as environmental friendly and sustainable as possible, and that all of our collaborators, manufacturers and factories share our environmantal friendly focus, also that their employees work under safe and healthy conditions.
We are focused on investing in long lasting all season products. That is why we make classic and clean products that will not be replaced by a new collection every change of season. Yet, we will add new items to the collection as we go.
All of our products are designed in Norway, and/or together with our collaborators.


«Elementa is a Norwegian production house working to expand the field of Interior Architecture».

Together with our art director Studio O our aim is to develop a set of «building blocks» - products, ideas and artwork to help open up new ways to approach the design of our interior worlds - in the widest sense.

Since the startup in 2012, Elementa has helped to furnish a lot of spaces, including some of Norway´s most interesting creative workspaces.


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