The Nordfolks designers represent both the 19th and 20th century. This way we can proudly present you to a beautiful collection, where classics and modern Scandinavian styles are combined. The designers have carefully elaborated every angle of each product to create form, function and quality that lasts for decades.


Peter Opsvik is a Norwegian industrial designer and jazz musician. Opsvik is best known for the Tripp Trapp children´s chair, the Capisco office chair and for his focus on ergonomics and mobility in his furniture, such as the Balans chairs.

The Nordfolks products by Peter Opsvik: Balans Variable Monochrome (1979), Actulum (1995)

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The British Norwegian design duo Thomas Jenkins and Sverre Uhnger cooperate under the name of Jenkins & Uhnger. 
Based in Oslo, the duo works with established categories and challenges archetypes and constraints by bringing a new approach to creating products with identity and content.

The Nordfolks products by Jenkins & Uhnger: Presence Table (2018), Presence Bench (2018)

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The Norwegian designer Per Øie graduated from Bergen Academy of Art and Design in 1958. His works have been exhibited all over the world, especially at trade shows in Tokyo, Paris, London and Copenhagen.
Øie gained international fame with his Move stool, for which he was awarded the prestigious DOGA Honorary Award in 2002.

The Nordfolks products by Per Øie: Move (1985)

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One of Western Norway´s most compelling design studios, Vera & Kyte are based in Bergen, where they set their sights on the international design scene. Together, the two designers have forged a unique interdisciplinary approach.
Both designers consciously challenge the boundaries between furniture, graphics, interior accessories and spatial design to create new connections between them.

The Nordfolks products by Vera & Kyte: Felt Tile Patch (2019), Felt Tile Slanted (2019)

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Makers With Agendas is a design studio based in Copenhagen. The studio was launched by Julien De Smedt, William Ravn and Wouter Dons in 2013 at Maison & Objet in Paris and during Design September in Brussels.
Makers With Agendas strive to develop meaningful products for society by meeting the needs of contemporary living.

The Nordfolks products by Makers With Agendas: 6045 Wall Shelf

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Anderssen & Voll was established in the fall of 2009. Anderssen & Voll works within various fields of design but focus on the domestic objects. The duo says that design means being receptive to cultural and market influences and applying this knowledge in forward-thinking ways to generate groundbreaking and desirable products.
Anderssen & Voll have received several awards for their work: including Wallpaper Award, Red Dot Award, IF Award and Honorary Award for best Design in Norway.

The Nordfolks products by Anderssen & Voll: The Klorofyll Planter System

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Ekstrøm´s work contributed to a new vitality and independence to the Norwegian design scene of the 70s and 80s, at a time of significant cultural and social change. Ekstrøm represented a new generation of designers who challenged the ideas of Scandinavian design. Although he is today seen as one of Norway´s first postmodern designers, Ekstrøm´s original output and its mediation is also connected to the ideals of the modern movement and the following pop culture. 

The Nordfolks products by Terje Ekstrøm: Ekstrem (1984)

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When Hans Brattrud (1933-2017) graduated, he was picked up early by A. Grasaasens Fabrikker to make furniture for the Oslo-based furniture factory. The first furniture he designed and put into production was Grorudstolen in 1958. In the late 60´s he moved home to Dokka and started working as an architect.
Even with a short ten-year period as a designer, Hans Brattrud's name is still has a strong position in the Norwegian furniture history. Most of the furniture by Brattrud that was put into production, is still in production today.

The Nordfolks products by Hans Brattrud: Grorudstolen (1958)

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The architect, designer and lightning artist Jonas Hidle is without a doubt linked to the Norwegian architecture. Through his work with lighting of older and newer buildings, he added artistic value to houses and rooms. Perhaps more than any other Norwegian designer, he has been able to reconcile the past with the design language of our own time.
In castles and churches, concert halls and theatre salons, in private as well as in public surroundings, we can find Hidel´s light fixtures, made by Hadeland Glassverk and Høvik Verk for half a century.

The Nordfolks products by Jonas Hidle: Archive Lamp 4006, 4014, 4280

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Maud Bugge is known for combining techniques and playful design. However, there is a certain Nordic purity in the products she makes and classic techniques are often in the basis.
She uses twisted optics, spun threads and air bubbles to create the right expression and product. Maud Bugge is also known for collaborating with other artists and art prints to get the result she wants.

The Nordfolks products by Maud Bugge: Vase Siccori

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