Rom & Tonik

Felt Tile Patch 3-18


All soft materials absorb sound, but they don’t dampen all sounds equally. Carpets and curtains help reduce the high tones, but the darker ones are harder to get. Sound absorbers are designed to be as efficient as possible, and they make a big difference. Especially for mid tones, where we find the human voice.

Create a patchwork reminiscent of urban landscapes. A city seen from above, blocks of housing, brickwork, tiling or facades. The asymmetric tiles give a range of formations. A visual landscape to let your eyes rest and absorb that disturbing background noise.

The asymmetrical tiles can be arranged to create a variety of patterns. Make it fit perfectly into your space by designing your own arrangement .

Setup dimensions: 
W 161cm x H 185cm

Tile dimensions:
W 57cm x H 45cm

"Really", 70% recycled denim

Color: Cotton blue

Width: 3 tiles
Total: 18 tiles

Delivery time: 6-8 weeks

Design: Vera & Kyte (2019)

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