Rom & Tonik

Felt Tile Slanted 6-36


All soft materials absorb sound, but they don’t dampen all sounds equally. Carpets and curtains help reduce the high tones, but the darker ones are harder to get. Sound absorbers are designed to be as efficient as possible, and they make a big difference. Especially for mid tones, where we find the human voice.

This elegant slanted tile lets you arrange a variety of rhythmic compositions. The versatile design creates striking patterns in strict repetition or playful irregularity. ‘Slanted’ forms graphic rhythms absorbing unwanted sound waves flowing through interior landscapes.

Setup dimensions:
W 161cm x H 195cm

Tile dimensions:
L 55cm x W 31cm

Width: 6 tiles
Total: 36 tiles

"Really", 70% recycled white cotton sheets

Color: Cotton White

Delivery time: 6-8 weeks

Design: Vera & Kyte (2019)

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