Fram Oslo

Lollipop Blanket

Color: Raspberry

Through childhood and into adulthood
Lollipop reminds us of a carefree moment, enjoying a colorful sweet sugar candy swirl. The joy of this is captured in an artistic colorful blanket, developed in close cooperation between designers V & K, Grinakervev and Fram Oslo.

Lollipop is a blanket that can stay with you as you grow up, reminding you to hold on to some of the pure joy we experience as children.

“Babies and Children often get many fantastic gifts, but it is sad when they outgrow them so fast. Our goal with this blanket was to develop a useful art piece that you can have from you are a baby, through childhood and into adulthood”, says Annette Hoff of Fram Oslo. The beautiful blanket has a classic Nordic feel that can be used in a child’s room as well as in the living room, or wherever you would like a colorful warm touch.

Dimensions: 135cm x 95cm

Material: 100% pure new wool

Design: Vera & Kyte


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